"Since working with Lisa, I've regained my flexibility, my stamina, and my strength."

"Working with Lisa has truly changed my life... I can never thank her enough."

"Lisa customized a beginner's workout for me when I first started working with her, and she continuously customized my workouts as I became more of an intermediate. Without fail, Lisa listened to what I wanted to improve on... she completely tailored my workouts to my desires."

"Build a Body Personal Training educated me on muscle groups. Lisa taught me how to correctly execute each exercise, and she taught me how to breathe, which doesn't seem like much, perhaps, but it's crucial to successful execution of each exercise."

"I also learned from Lisa that a beginner who hadn't workout out in years could stick with a program that's fun to really strengthen, firm, and improve flexibility. Her core workouts are terrific. I now can see ab muscles that I hadn't seen since disco was in vogue!"

"I've had lower back pain for quite a while, and Build A Body Personal Training helped me with that by customizing a workout that strengthened that area of my back and allowed me more movement than I’d had in three years."

"I love working out with Lisa; she's fun and she really pushes me."

"Lisa keeps me motivated and pushes me harder during our sessions than I would push myself. There's no question that being a part of a formal training program like this is getting me to my goals faster and more effectively than I could on my own."

"I recommend Build A Body Personal Training without hesitation to anyone! Lisa really understands the physiology of what she is teaching, but knows how to have fun with the sessions as well. She will push me hard, but also listens if I tell her I'm uncomfortable with something that we’re doing."

"I'm much more motivated to improve than I was when I was trying to do this on my own. I think I'm in better spirits than I was, and seem to have a lot more energy each day. It’s really great."