Jayce Shaffer, CPT

Jayce Shaffer

With pursuing studies in exercise science and sports management, I have come to understand both aspects of body and business. Since training an array of 25+ clients over the short span of 2 years, I have come to understand people can achieve their fitness goals without any games or gimmicks that may be told to them by other “fitness gurus''. With all my new and current clients, my mindset is that I don’t believe in giving up on the client because of pay or availability. My reason is that people have the mindset to push themselves but sometimes pay or availability may get in the way of attaining their fitness goals. Because of this, I differentiate myself from the majority of other trainers, due to my main focus being on the client and the quality of the workout, and not just the pay and getting the client out of the way. I’ve had athletes from the ages of 6 who have trained for speed, agility, or weight loss all the way to parents that have busy schedules that want to get back in shape to enjoy their kid's sporting events and their own lives.